Sometimes It's About Acting

Niki has some advice for the remaining models.

BRAVOTV.COM: This week was about getting over our some pretty rockin' what extent do you feel that models need to be fearless?

Niki Taylor: I don't know if it's about being fearless or looking as though you are fearless. Sometimes it's about acting.

BRAVOTV.COM: What was your take on Stephanie?

Niki Taylor: She is great. She really rose up in the art challenges, but I don't think she let America really see her shine the other weeks. She will certainly have a future in something creative.

BRAVOTV.COM: At this point in the competition, what's the main thing these models need to keep in mind?

Niki Taylor: Consistently trying to get better. Pay attention and learn.


Wonderful, but hopeful that he can get focused again in the competition.


Coming around in this competition. Learning and certainly improving.


Has really relaxed and embraced change along with listening.


Well, this week all the models were sick but she seemed to really have it bad. She hung in and gave it her best, hopefully she feels better.


I would call her the "Lucky One", she seems to draw the least difficult situations or partners in the challenges.


Thought provoking in the sense I am not sure we see the real Perry behind all of that joking and attitude etc.


He just makes me smile when I see him. Always full of joy and happiness and really takes the guidance and makes changes.


She is so professional and seems so serious would love to see the more playful side of her and have her let go a little.

Make Us Proud

Nicole weighs in on who kicked butt, and who didn't cut it.

First the models had to do a shoot with fire. What do you think the photographer was looking for?

I think, because of the production and because the flames are expensive to do, it's like one dry cut. You get one shot. He was looking for someone who could exude rock n roll energy in that small amount of time. He's a one take director. You have to be a one take model. He was looking for someone who could bring energy. He shoots celebrities, so he's also looking for character. That's why Sandhurst kicked butt. He wasn't just a model, he was a character in a movie. It was like X-Men or something. That's what he was looking for. Everyone was okay. Sandhurst inspired that photographer and gave him something he wasn't looking for.

They all went to Bloomingdale's for a go-see. Have you done something like that?

Never. That's for B-Models, but it's a great way to interact with people because you are selling a product at all times. It's good to know what you're selling and it's good to see people who know the designer's name. It was kind of cute though. Mountaha was a little nervous and that comes across a lot. She's not comfortable in her own skin and she's too driven and anxious. I think that people see that. You've got to be relaxed around people. You could be a good model, but if people aren't comfortable around you then you're not going to get anywhere. Whey they shopped their personalities really showed. It was interesting to watch. I loved how Branden just got a suit. It was almost his claim to becoming a man. I'm going from little boy to man. That was awesome. Mountaha just wanted ridiculous Christian Dior shoes. That's such a female, Sex and the City type thing to want great shoes. Sandhurst was so humble. He just got everything for his family. I liked that.

For the runway it was nothing crazy this week, the models just got dressed up and dapper.

I thought the wig didn't work for Mountaha. Wigs look bad even if they're custom for your head. I thought that was unlucky for her and she didn't make it work. You can't say something though. You're a canvas. Sometimes it's luck. She should have brought more to the runway. She could have brought some personality to it. She didn't perform in the photo as well. I was shocked she just stood there. I really noticed her hands though. I shoot Victoria's Secrets and they've said I have good hands and feet and know how to hold them. That's really important. People don't realize it. It's the small details like hands that make a big impact on a photo. If your hand looks weird you notice it. I loved the way she used hers and she was very conscious of them.

Do you think she deserved to go home?

The boys have been a bit stronger so it's really hard to say. It's such a hard thing in the end. I don't know if she deserved it. Someone like Jonathan who is good looking and charming but isn't unique maybe should have gone home. Branden has also been lucky, but he has a lot to give. I think that Sandhurst is commercial, but he's been incredible. It was a tough decision for the judges. It's going to be tough.

What do you think the guys have to do to win next week?

Bring out the best in themselves and take risks. Practice, practice, practice, especially on their runway. Be strong and charming and show the judges that if they're going to be chosen that they're gonna make us proud. They have to let go of that fear and anxiety. They have to know they've come this far for a reason.