The Guys Outnumber the Girls

As the competition heats up, it also gets real.

BRAVOTV.COM: We're beginning to see the models really feel the competition and compete with each other personally -- what's your take on that?

Yes, it's funny. The more models eliminated-- the more the competition is reality. I think it's good that they are finally figuring out that this isn't a game.

BRAVOTV.COM: This episode was about video. What's the challenge that comes with that?

The challenge is to remember that this is video but still about your product. Not over acting to put the focus on you instead of the product you are selling or promoting.
BRAVOTV.COM: Looking back at the competition so far, what have been the biggest surprise for you?

That it is so out - numbered, the ratio of guys to girls. I really didn't expect that.

BRAVOTV.COM: What was your take on Frankie?

I think Frankie is a great guy. He really grew tons during the show, and learned to accept change. We saw a different Frankie in the end.

BRAVOTV.COM: Let's talk models...



He had a tough week. We still can't put our finger on what's really going on with him. Something has been going on for the past couple weeks.


We are trying to figure out what makes him over think what he's doing. It causes him to not be at his best.


She's really starting to come into her own. She really was on top this week in everything she was given to do.


He is trying to find that balance in his personal and professional attitude. He keeps making adjustments each week and hopefully will find the right combination soon.


He takes each piece of feedback we give him and professionally digests it to adjust. He is a pleasure to encourage.


I am still waiting to learn more about the real person that she is.

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The Fire Within

Sandhurst explains how he prepared for his winning Photo Assignment shot.

Mad as hell from being told that I had the face of an accountant. I decided to get back in touch with my roots. I woke up early the morning of the photo shoot, placed a camera in front of the mirror and began to do some of the old folk and African dances from Tobago. Then after I got tired I started to storytell to myself using the dramatic expression characteristic of traditional Tobago folk storytelling making sure to get that fire. 

It’s ironic that today’s photoshoot called for the explosive use of fire. The energy coming from our photographer Clay was as pyrotechnic as fire he works with. Since we only had one chance to get the shot I decided to really go for it. While being styled I decided the on the calm under fire approach of James Bond was not going to work with this look so I decided to go with what I was feeling and let looser.

When I saw the picture I couldn’t believe how animated and dramatic the shot came out to be.

At the catwalk I decided due to the unpredictable nature of the judges I would do a simple walk, just in case. In the end I ended up walking away with immunity as well as the photo challenge. This was the best week to win. 

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