Trusting the Panelists

Aryn comes up big this week, and looks forward to the future.

This week has been full of challenge after challenge for me. Last week I was called a 'Wallflower' and 'Boring' and it was VERY hard to hear. My goal for this week was to really step it up - performance and personality wise. But, it hasn't been an easy road.

Each week I work harder and harder. In the gym, I work harder on my physique and endurance and soon, I will be able to not only keep up with the other girls, but show them a thing or two.

I trusted [the panelists] with my hair, took their advise about my body and really tried to show them my real personality and a side of myself, I don't think they have seen . When they said I was most improved this week at the judging, I was in tears! I just wish I was able to share this small victory with my loved ones but I have to trust that they are as proud of me as I think they are. I miss you all SO very much! Mom, Dad, Landon and 'Devon and Jode' this is for all of you too! Not a minute goes by that I don't think of you guys and how much you mean to me.

I can't wait for all the things I'll learn this next week and the challenges I'll face along the way. This is not only a journey towards being a better model but a journey towards being a better me. It's not an easy journey but I wouldn't trade a min of it for anything! Even the friendships that are forming in this households are proving to be priceless. I can't wait to see how they develop and grow as the weks go on. I love you pookie bear! Valete!

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