The Manzo Family Reveals Their Ideal Romantic Matches for Albie and Chris

You can bet there are many opinions about the women the brothers should date.

Now that Caroline Manzo is nearing closer and closer to grandma status, she still has two kids who haven't quite come any nearer to settling down and starting a family. Not that she hasn't been trying to set them up with the right girl, especially when it comes to finding love for her eldest son, Albie Manzo.

Manzod with Children
Finding Love for Albie Manzo
Caroline and Chris try to find potential girlfriends for Albie.

Despite her best efforts, Albie, and Chris Manzo, remain bachelors. "Chris is in no rush," she recently told Personal Space. "Albie now that he turned 30, he's starting to say things like that. 'Mom, it's time to settle down. It's time to start a family,' things like that. Where Chris is like 'Wahhh,' so don't plan on Chris."

But, that doesn't mean the entire Manzo crew doesn't have an opinion about the perfect girl for either brother. "Chris needs somebody that's going to make him laugh. Sponteineity is very importamnt for Chris. Chris loves to live," Caroline said, with Lauren Manzo Scalia suggesting someone like Amy Shcumer for him.

As for Albie... well, he needs someone more serious. "Albie, on the other hand, needs regimentation, Albie doesn't like change," the Manzo'd with Children mom shared about her "workaholic" son. While Lauran was all about seeing her brother date Kendall Jenner, Caroline seemed less enthusiastic about that potential mate. She was all about Jessica Alba.

At the end of the day, mama Manzo just wants everyone to be happy. "We'd like her to blend with the family and have our values," she said. "But everyone assumes they have to be Italian. They have to know how to cook and all that. That's not the case. No. So, that's my only prerequisite that they love them to death and hopefully want to spend time with everybody."

Regardless of when they plan to settle down, they are more than ready to be uncles to Lauren's baby, as you can hear them describe below.

Manzod with Children
Are Albie Manzo and Chris Manzo Ready to be Uncles?
The Manzo'd with Children brothers open up about Lauren Manzo Scalia's baby news.

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