Chris Weighs in on His Siblings' Fight

And he explains why he won't be bringing a girlfriend home anytime soon. You managed to completely stay out of Albie and Lauren’s fight. Are you always this successful?
Chris Manzo: Luckily yes, I have a very good track record of staying out of the Lauren and Al fights. This happened to be the worst of them in a while, so it was an easy decision to stay away. Whose side were you on during their fight?
CM: This is not an attempt to be diplomatic, but I definitely saw both sides. I think Lauren said something in a somewhat playful manor, and it was a case of wrong place wrong time for Al. Both Lauren and Al have this habit of responding to a punch in the arm with a hand grenade, so an ill-timed joke or comment can turn that deck into a war zone. We know your mom and sister’s opinions on Brittany, but what are yours?
CM: I have no issues to speak of with Brittany. She's always been nice to me, and she seems (most of the time) to keep Al happy. It can't be easy walking into a family like mine, so I try to give anyone who tries the benefit of the doubt. We got a sneak peek into Lauren’s baby talk with Vito. How often does that happen around you?
CM: Lauren always talks like a baby to Vito, and it's just the oddest thing. Who likes that? Who likes being spoken to like a mixture of a baby and a yorkie? It confuses the hell out of me. When is the last time you brought a girlfriend home? Did she get a similar treatment from your mom and sister like Brittany did?
CM: I haven't brought a girlfriend home in years. But when I do introduce someone, they usually are welcomed a little bit more graciously than Brittany was. I've learned my lesson from Al: The next time my family meets someone, it'll be like, "Hi Mom, this is _ _ _. We've been married for six years."

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