Chris: I Just Don't Want to Rush Into Anything

Chris dishes on the Manzo-Scalia family vacation to Italy and opens up about his thoughts on marriage and kids. Were you hesitant at all about going on a big family trip with the Scalias?
Chris Manzo: I was not hesitant at all! The Scalias are great. There is literally zero loss factor for me also, so if things went poorly I'd be able to just sort of sit back and stay out of it. Was it embarrassing having your whole family tell you that you should talk to Margarita?
CM: Yes! They are always trying to set me up -- on top of that, the whole family was doing that thing where they speak louder than usual to make up for the language barrier. Just awkward.

Manzod with Children
Chris Meets a Beautiful Lady in Italy
Lauren helps introduce Chris to Margarita. Did you and Margarita keep in touch after that?
CM: We did not. She was cool though. Did you expect your mom to react the way she did when you told everyone that you didn't want to get married or have kids?
CM: I think everyone completely overreacted! I always make ridiculous jokes but for some reason they were taken so seriously on that trip. I just don't want to rush into anything -- if I meet someone amazing and I feel like I need to marry her, I will. But I was more saying that I would never want to rush into something so serious.

Manzod with Children
Al Manzo Gets Emotional
Al opens up about Lauren Manzo's upcoming wedding. Your father showed his emotions at dinner, how did it feel to see that?
CM: It is the strangest thing to see my dad get emotional. It doesn't happen often, but he definitely showed a softer side throughout the wedding process. We all did. Except Lauren, Lauren kept it together.
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