Lauren: I Liked the Bachelorette Better!

Lauren dishes on her bachelorette and snatchelor parties.... If you had to choose...which party did you enjoy more: Greg's bachelorette party or Albie and Chris' snatchelor party?
Lauren Manzo: I liked the bachelorette better! AC isn't really my kinda place and I really enjoyed being with my girlfriends!!! What was the funniest moment from each of those evenings?
LM: So many funny things at the bachelorette...seeing some of my girlfriends let loose and some of the things they were saying and doing were cracking me up. I wish you were able to see everything! The snatchelor...I loved the moment Rosie realized why it was called a "snatchelor" party. Did you feel awkward at all having your mom with you at your bachelorette party?
LM: Not in the slightest bit.

Manzod with Children
The Manzo Brothers Kidnap Lauren
Chris, Albie, and Greg surprise Lauren with a trip to Atlantic City. At dinner in Atlantic City, Albie insinuated that you and him have grown closer than you and Chris, which you denied. Do you think you're closer to Chris or equally close to both of them?
LM: I am very close to both of my brothers, but in different ways. Chris and I have a very effortless fun friendship/sibling relationship we really understand each other. Al and I have had many ups and downs, but we really love and respect each other. We are definitely closer than we have been in the past.

Manzod with Children
Vito Surprises Lauren in Atlantic City
Vito crashes Lauren Manzo's "snatchelor party" in AC. How surprised were you to find Vito waiting for you in your hotel room in Atlantic City?
LM: I was so surprised and so happy!!! I really wished he was there the whole time because I hate Atlantic City and he LOVES Atlantic City.
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