Lauren: My Father Was Very Emotional That Entire Month

With the wedding countdown clock ticking, Lauren Manzo opens up about the weeks leading up to her big day. Was it exciting to take a big family trip weeks before the wedding or did the timing make it too stressful to enjoy?
Lauren Manzo: At first I wasn't that excited because I was so stressed with wedding and work (it was prom AND graduation season so work was incredibly busy) but I was so excited to be able to give Vito the opportunity to go to Italy for the first time and I knew I would regret not jumping at the chance to go. Were you nervous for Vito to reveal his plans of opening a new deli in Manhattan to his parents?
LM: No, because I know how supportive his parents are. They are both very smart hard working people. I knew if they were against it then they would have a good reason behind it, but they ended up being really supportive.

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Al Manzo Breaks Down With Lauren Manzo
Al gives Lauren a special gift before her wedding. Your father giving you the Cartier love bracelet was a really sweet, emotional moment. Can you talk about what that moment felt like?
LM: I remember it being much more emotional than it appeared to be honest! My father was very emotional that entire month and I felt it whenever I was around him. I was so happy because I always wanted that bracelet from my dad, there were many times he could have gotten it for me but I told him I wanted it right before I got married so I can always wear it and always have a piece of him with me forever. How was it seeing your dad so emotional during the trip?
LM: The second my father cries, I cry. My mom too. I hate seeing them cry!

Manzod with Children
Lauren Manzo Returns Her Credit Card
Lauren gives back her credit card to Al and they share a very special and symbolic moment. You tried giving your dad your American Express card back, but he wanted you to hold on to it. Did you have a feeling that's how he would react?
LM: No, I honestly thought he would be a little insulted and then take it from me because he would be angry at it, haha. I really haven't used it since that night though! Actually it expired recently and I haven't gotten another one. So I guess I'm officially cut off!
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