Simone: Dr. Heavenly Was Being Real Messy

August 31, 2015 • 10:51 AM ET
Thank you for tuning into Married to Medicine tonight with me for the show. This week’s show had plenty of jaw-dropping moments, and I am exhausted by all of the twists and turns. I went to see Straight out of Compton last week, and a couple of...
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Heavenly: Maybe I Overreacted

August 31, 2015 • 10:31 AM ET
I am so excited to finally launch my new mobile dating app, PiQ! My team put on an excellent event! I would like to thank Claudia Jordan and Ebony Steele for participating. I think PiQ is a smart and creative way to date. I can see you, but...
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Heavenly: I Know Nothing for Sure!

August 23, 2015 • 9:54 PM ET
What do I know for sure?I know nothing for sure! Register at www.PiQ.Dating. FREE today. @piqdating (Unique Mobile dating App ) Dr. Heavenly KimesCo Author of #1 Best selling series Author of Dr Heavenly's Business Prescriptions @Dr_Heavenly www...
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Quad: Facts Bring About Understanding

August 21, 2015 • 12:34 PM ET
There’s been lots of speculation pertaining to #MarriedToMed Season 3 Episode 10, so it’s only fair that I offer clarity with a quick fact list. Fact: “She Who Shall Not Be Named” introduced the public to her husband’s infidelity. In fact, it was...
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Toya: It's Best to Mind Your Own Business

August 17, 2015 • 12:04 PM ET
MIND YOURS… Do you remember growing up, playing on the playground and you saw something going on across the yard, and you ran over to see what it was. Once you pushed through the crowd you asked that one little sassy girl what was going on, and...
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