Toya: Friends Are People, Not Puppets

September 8, 2015 • 10:15 AM ET
Instructor: Toya Bush-HarrisCourse: Friendship 101Syllabus1. Honestly, I will always be honest with my friends, even if it hurts us both. Being fake and phony takes too much energy. One should never tell someone something false in an attempt to ...
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Mariah: Family Doesn't Ignore Your Pain

September 6, 2015 • 9:54 PM ET How does it feel to hear Simone say she regrets the way she handled things with you last year? Mariah Huq: It was great to hear Simone acknowledge that she didn't handle things as a loyal friend with me last year. Moving forward, I...
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Simone: Dr. Heavenly Was Being Real Messy

August 31, 2015 • 10:51 AM ET
Thank you for tuning into Married to Medicine tonight with me for the show. This week’s show had plenty of jaw-dropping moments, and I am exhausted by all of the twists and turns. I went to see Straight out of Compton last week, and a couple of...
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