#Married2Med Producer: Things Went Too Far

by Matt Anderson
July 2, 2015 • 4:06 PM ET
Hey there, Married To Medders! Welcome to the first behind-the-scenes producer’s blog for the show. Before we preview the toughest part of this week’s episode, there are a few other fun events brewing in the lives of our doctors. Dr. Simone gets...
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Quad: My Heart Is Heavy for Simone

June 22, 2015 • 12:12 PM ET
It’s not the Brady Bunch, It’s the Shady Bunch Tonight’s episode was a shade fest! First, Jill Connors enters throwing shade at Toya. Next, Heav shades “She Who Shall Not Be Named.” Then, Toya follows up with more shade, saying, “If she was [She...
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Simone: I Definitely Had the Ugly Cry Tonight

June 22, 2015 • 10:12 AM ET
Thank you everyone for watching another night of Married to Medicine. We finally had a show where we didn’t have to compete for your attention with the NBA finals.This show starts out rough for me. I head over to Dr. Jackie’s to vent. I got upset...
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Toya: Ladies, You Really Need to Be Open

June 21, 2015 • 8:54 PM ET
Since some of the ladies seem a little uptight when it comes to keeping the spice in their marriage, I figure I would give them some ideal tips on how to keep your hubby happy. And you know I know how to keep my husband happy, so this #MYLF ...
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