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Dr. Jackie: Healing Comes in All Stages

Dr. Jackie sees some progress.

After last episode, I am just not sure I can keep trying to make peace within this group. I feel like I've failed at trying to reunite this group of ladies. Maybe this is truly a job for Iyanla Vanzant. It's been a long time, and we have not been able to heal from what Mariah feels was an evil, wicked, intended blunder, and Toya feels it was very unfortunate, unintended to "hurt," but intended to praise by sharing what she didn't know was a secret. Whether it was intended or not, we have got two very hurt ladies. I have attempted to assist the ladies in talking through their hurt, but it just seems like we are not getting anywhere.  

Now surprisingly, all the ladies agreed to take a road trip to a winery. Now I just didn't feel comfortable traveling in this close setting with the ladies. Against my better judgment, I went on this trip to a north Georgia winery. Yes, I am sitting close to the door, because at any point if this bus gets too hot, I am getting off. Simone and I had talked about separating Mariah and Quad to calm down the energy they bring to each other. Now I do see some baby steps with the ladies trying to be kind to one another. This is GOOD!!! We all had light conversation. Now Simone's big mouth decides to share girlfriend secrets (ahhhh, here we go again, sharing secrets!) I had shared some photos with Simone that I had taken for my husband for our 10th wedding anniversary and she decides to tell it. Now somehow it looks like I shared them, but I can't recall it happening that way. Now I would have rather kept that for my husband's eyes only, but now the world has gotten a glimpse. Simone, I'm gonna get you, girl!!! I'm gonna share some of your pictures.

Simone and Mariah were able to talk through their differences surrounding the "fight of the century"!!! It appears Toya really is ready to talk. Now Simone and I have worked hard to keep these ladies from reaching the point of possibly fighting again and Toya decides enough is enough and gets out of her seat and approaches Mariah. Now why is she touching Mariah again? Isn't this the thing that got the fight started the last time? Both of the ladies were able to express themselves and both of them were able to own their parts with this issue. I wanted to make sure Toya apologized to Mariah. Maybe we are finally getting to a place of healing for both of them. I don't want to get excited too soon, but I'll take this first phase of HEALING!!!!