Jacqueline Walters

Dr. Jackie thinks the fight could have been avoided by both of the women.

on Apr 14, 2013

I am not sure where to start with tonight’s episode. So I will start by saying I'm glad I was on call! I couldn't believe my eyes, two grown professional women, doctor's wives fighting. What? Who would have ever imagined? Mariah and Toya physically fighting is unbelievable. Everyone had their version of how it started and what precipitated the fight. For me it does not matter where it started; just how the situation ended. This was a pure disaster. CODE BLUE!!! 911. Get the doctor STAT!!!

How could two beautiful, intelligent women prevent a physical altercation? That's the question. Now I will never say never, but I will ask, what could have been done differently?

Both women needed to have handled their emotions, though I will admit this is probably one of the hardest thing for us women to do. Mariah and Toya both admit their dislike for one another, and I am not real sure why they get under each other’s skin. If you don’t like someone, it should be easy to ignore them. Their opinions shouldn’t matter.

The conversation between Toya and Mariah’s mother (Miss Lucy) was over, and I'm not sure why Toya felt the need to confront Mariah about it at that time. The golden rule is "thinking before speaking." I suggest we ask, "What good will it do to say this or say that?" Is it natural to allow our emotions to rule? We do have the ability to reason and to resist the temptation and not to let anger get the best of us -- and certainly not to physically attack another human being.