Jacqueline Walters

Dr. Jackie reacts to Mariah's comment that she can't understand her motives since she did not have a child.

on May 5, 2013

Tonight I TRIED to bring together this group of Ladies to try a type of conflict resolution that we used in my sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. This is designed for people who have a relationship “to come together in a private setting and resolve issues that causes sour feelings."

As the names states, we are taking a sour situation and squeezing (or ironing) out our differences with the end result: LEMONADE (sweetness). It usually involves people who have a willing mind and desire to resolve their differences.

Though tonight, I entered the lion’s den with a bunch of Debbie Doubters who felt like my attempt to make peace is already a failure. The mind is a powerful thing so I guess we were already defeated when they entered the door.

I think there are so many other things these doctors and doctor’s wives could be doing rather than bickering. I tried to maintain my peace and did a lot of deep breathing and allowed the disrespectfulness to roll off my back. Their body language screamed, “I don’t want to resolve these issues.” Why am I even trying? I live by the motto, “DO RIGHT BECAUSE IT’S RIGHT!” Yes, I am a Gandhi-like, Mother Teresa who subscribes to this philosophy.