Jacqueline Walters

Dr. Jackie thinks Mariah and Toya need to learn how to deal with confrontation. 

on Apr 19, 2013

In tonight's episode I had hoped for healing. As I was forced to again view this fiasco, I realized it resembled a WWF (Women's World Wrestling Federation) scene. As a physician, I know that all living creatures have been designed with the ability to heal; I do know that we can heal from this. Healing takes place only in the proper environment. You also have to be mentally available to heal.

Tonight, I am not quite sure if it was the environment or mental state, but they were definitely not ready for healing. I am a little taken back that the Doctors (Mr. MDs) were not MORE disappointed at the Mrs. MDs behavior. I don't think that ignoring the principle "We do right because it's right," sends the proper message. There is NO justification for grown women fighting, especially at friend's house.

As a mother, we try to get our teenage daughters/sons to refrain from being bullied or being a bully. Somebody missed the memo! The WWF squad broke all etiquette rules. We learn communication skills from the moment we are born. Opening the lines of communication is imperative to function in our day-to-day lives, and is a must in the business world.  Mariah and Toya are two educated women that must have skipped class on that day. I don't feel like Toya or Mariah are willing to take ownership of this unnecessary altercation.