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I Do Not Judge Quad

Kari did not mean to insult Dr. Greg and she's disappointed people would think otherwise.

Hello Bravo fans and welcome to my blog.

It was wonderful and exciting to see the first episode on the big screen, after many months of daily filming and hard work.

I had wanted to do this show as I thought it would make for some interesting television, taking viewers into my personal life and shedding the typical stereotypes of a doctor's wife. I feel that I have an important message to share that could in turn help others in their lives.

When watching the show, I was mostly shocked and saddened to hear the Quad thought I had gone to Mariah's party with the intent of hurting her, by saying her husband was a "psychologist" instead of a "psychiatrist." I know the difference and it was a stupid mistake on my part.

I did not mean to insult Dr. Greg. I know he worked very hard to achieve his M.D. status and if my intention had been to hurt her, there were far worse things I could have said, believe me! I do not not waste my precious time in trying to hurt someone. Life it too short. I am a strong believer in karma, so I always try and live a good honest life. I seek to lift up and inspire people, not bring them down, but I will often speak my mind and call things as I see them.

So now, Quad is out to get me, or as she puts it to "skin a cat." It was strange to see the glee in her face at the thought of hurting me. Such strange behavior over something so simple!

I have no hard feelings against her and I wish she and Greg the best in their lives and in their marriage. I do not judge her, or feel that I am better than her, I just choose not to be around women behaving badly and I certainly will not bring that into my home.

I choose to live my life as the professional woman that I am and inspire my daughter to always be a lady, as my mother and my grandmother did.

So tune in next week for more fun filled drama.


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