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Mariah's Lies and Ignorant Insults

Kari apologizes to Dr. Jackie for the Lemon Squeeze gone wrong and explains why she brought back-up.

First and foremost, I think I owe Dr. Jackie an apology. At the time I did not realize how much time and thought she had put into the Lemon Squeeze, and now I really appreciate her effort to get the ladies together to make peace.

It was hard for me to sit there and keep silent, since I was still furious at Mariah. I had not received an explanation or an apology from her since the party -- only a letter from her stating that she would be canceling all charges, as I explained in an earlier blog entitled "Paypal is No Friend of Mariah's"

The reason I never lie is because not only is it bad energy, but you look like a fool when you get caught.

So to watch Mariah in one scene tell Quad she cancelled the charges for the party and then to see her deny it in the next scene was just pathetic. Her persistent dishonesty is the reason I felt I needed to bring proof of her deceit to the Lemon Squeeze. I knew she would lie in front of everyone, and she did. She then refused to look at the documents that clearly showed that she had cancelled the PayPal charges. As she put it: "I ain't payin for no party I was thrown out of."

The she goes on to insult Dr. Jackie by implying that, because Jackie has not given birth, she could not possibly understand what Mariah felt! Even for Mariah this was a new low. What she said is an insult to so many people:

It is an insult to all of the mothers out there who were robbed of the ability to birth a child, due to illness or infertility, but took the time to adopt or raise a child birthed by another woman and raise the child as their own.

It is an insult every child that has ever been adopted. Does the parent raising them not understand true love because they did not birth that child?

It is an insult to all of the parents who chose to adopt a child because the child was given up, left, or unwanted by their parents. Can they not understand the love of that child?

It is an insult to her own children. Can the father not love the child as much as the mother, because he did not give birth. Does he love his son more than his daughter? Of course not. It is just ignorance, and it is being used to excuse her bad behavior.

All I can say is: Sorry Dr. Jackie, for the Lemon Squeeze and for the hurtful comments of my fellow doctor's wife.

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