Kari Wells

Kari says she didn't ask Mariah for money -- until Mariah recended what she had already paid.

on Apr 21, 2013

After the party at my house, I had a lot of cleaning up to do after Mariah's fight with Toya. There was glass in the pool. Lamps and glasses were broken. Worst of all, friendships were shattered. I spent a lot of time on the phone apologizing, and I sent out letters doing the same, to our guests and the staff who worked that night.

I really, truly thought that I would get an apology from Mariah. But, nothing, nada, zilch. What she did provide is a lesson in how to not manage your finances, something I blog about frequently on kariwells.com on the subject of what I call "the business of living for women."

So I had to laugh when I watched the conversation Mariah had with Aydin when she told him that "Kari sent me a PayPal bill for the damages." I am amazed how disingenuous Mariah can be: I never sent her a bill for my damages!

What Mariah failed to mention was that after the party, instead of receiving any type of apology from her, I received an email from PayPal informing me that funds (her payment for the half of the party) had been withdrawn from my account, because she had filed a petition with them demanding her money back.