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Making Mariah Gag

Kari explains her feelings on Quad and her thoughts on Mariah's taste in wines.

I was going to start my blog this week discussing the many lies that seem to fall from Mariah's mouth every time that she opens it, but after watching the the footage of the breast cancer walk, it seemed a complete waste of both my time and my energy.

I was inspired watching these women on the Atlanta walk to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. To the see the survivors and the family members who have lost loved ones to the terrible disease was both sad and inspiring. It once again reclaimed my beliefs that when women come together for the greater good, amazing things can be achieved.

I now understand fully why Dr. Jackie does not get involved in the petty bickering of the other ladies, as she values life, more than most. Anyone who has faced a health challenge as serious at this, is reborn with a new respect for ones time and Dr. Jackie faced it and conquered it, twice. It makes all of the other stuff so unimportant.

I was glad that I was able to apologize to Quad for any misunderstanding that we had, but was nervous at the same time about our coming together, as her comments had deeply hurt me. Her lies about my marriage and her insults about anorexia were callous and calculated, and she wanted to hurt me, far more than I had ever hurt her. As I walked into the restaurant, I said to myself over and over "Do not say psychologist, do not say psychologist," and of course that was the word that came out. I am so dumb sometimes, but my heart is always in the right place.

I was not at all surprised to hear that it made Mariah "gag" to hear my knowledge of fine wines, when her favorite is "Chateau la douche." But before you go out trying to find the special varietal, I must let you in on a secret. It is just the joke name I have for very cheap wines.

Lastly, I want to address my comment that Mariah came from "nothing." This is not meant in any way as an insult, as I myself came from nothing. I respect those who make despite the lack of a silver spoon. Mariah has always said that she came from simple beginnings and I admire what she has been able to create in her life. 

Until next week.

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Mariah Is Ready to Plant New Seeds

Mariah is over this "shady grove" but does thank some of the ladies for their honesty and friendship.

The season is finally over and Lakeisha "Mariah" HuQ is still standing! #Yaaassss

Baby I was on the hit list this season. LOL! Well I'm still here, and please know I'll be the first to tell you when I decide to BOW out gracefully. #SideEye

Regardless of what was said on the Reunion each and everyone of the ladies know I am invested in this show, and they have known my position from day one. I have apologized for many things, but I will not apologize for withholding intricate details about my ownership.

The Reunion Part 2 did not disappoint. We are still in the Shady Grove, and amongst a very shady group. . .LOL!

Let's just start with Heavenly. Heavenly: You are a very strong, opinionated, and independent woman. I find it hard to believe that you would be swayed by anyone! NOW the swaying may actually come from your "special coffee." (Wink, wink.)

Lisa Nicole: Too bad we never really had a chance to get to know one another. You seem like a great spa pal! I wish you the best. (Nodding). Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . .

Toya: Did you not learn anything from last season? KIDS ARE OFF LIMITS!

Quad: I wish you well with your future endeavors.

Jackie: I was never offended by anything you said. I simply wanted to know your true perspective. It almost seems that you are inhibited from showing true objectivity. Not voicing any opinion leaves the impression that you co-signed into all the negativity. From my perspective, your shade was from a different type of tree. I call it the hidden bush. #ShadeTree

Simone: Regardless of what others say, I do feel as though you have been a great friend. Thank you.

This has definitely been the shadiest grove I have ever encountered, but the one thing I have learned is to recognize a tree by the fruit it bears. #BitterFruit #SourApples #Sweet&Juicy #NotRipeOrReady #Ripe&Right #RottenTotheCore

Time to plant new seeds or grow another grove!

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