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The End of My Friendship With Kari

Mariah reflects on which friendships she's pulling the plug on and where she stands with the rest of the ladies at the end of this season.


With the conclusion of Married To Medicine's Renion show, I feel positive about some of the issues resolved. I was moved by Dr. Simone's apology and acknowledgment that she had erred by not contacting me after the altercation. I had already accepted her apology when all of us visited the winery, but I can see that she felt more needed to be said.

Dr. Jackie and I are definitely in a better place and our friendship remains in tact. She is a courageous woman and I have much respect for her. I think the Reunion gave her a better understanding of what I was trying to convey earlier in the season and the pain that I was feeling. And I realize that my words had inadvertently hurt her although she knew what I meant.

As far as the relationship between myself and Toya, we will manage to be civil and move forward. The medical community in Atlanta is a small one, so the two of us will likely see each other around town at various functions. I can guarantee there will not be a repeat of what happened earlier this season!

My BFF Quad and I will continue to do what we do best. . .Be fabulous and supportive of one another and perhaps teach the other ladies some more of our entertaining language! I loved hearing Dr. Jackie say #Catch Fire!!!

As for me and Kari, well I think it's suffice to say that friendship is completely over. As far as I'm concerned, the life support plug has been officially pulled!

Once again, I want to thank all of the viewers who watched the show and made Married to Medicine a success. It has been a pleasure connecting with so many of you and hearing your comments about the show. Hopefully, we'll be back in your homes on Sunday evenings for another season. God bless and have a wonderful summer!

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