Mariah Huq

Mariah compliments Quad on shutting down the drama and sees red over Toya's comments about her daughter.

on Mar 29, 2013

Queens of Schemes!

This episode should definitely be called the redemption of Quad, because she #pushedthru the moment she entered the party #Yaaaass. All I have to say is they may have started the drama, but she definitely finished it and made them #throwuptheirlives.

Of course both my parties were shut down. But after seeing all the mean things they had to say about her, I'm glad she held her ground. She showed them that she will not be intimidated, so they may as well fly south! Hopefully now, Kari understands you get what you give, and "it ain't no fun when the rabbit got the gun" even when you are a "Medical Mistress." LMAO