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Mariah on the Attack

Toya can't believe that she's still dealing with Mariah's gossip and emotional ways.

NoMad MD. . .Yes, I was lurking in the shadows. My husband thinks NoMad MD medical concierge is just his baby, but he's sadly mistaken. I was brought into his life to be his help and I am not going to fail at my job. He is the king of this castle, but this queen is his right hand. So yes, let's gets to the point: what can you do for NoMad MD? We have bills to pay and I ain't playing no games. While I appreciate their meeting to discuss marketing strategies, let's get to the bottom line.

Jackie. . .wow! Watching you with your patient brings me back to my first appointment with you. You were sassy, caring, knowledgable and a fabulous OBGYN. Thank you for helping me through my first trimester with Ashton. I felt like I had a big sister holding my hand along the way. You were extra professional, never mentioning how breast cancer stole your fertility. My heart dropped when you said, "watching it happen has to be enough, cause I can't know what it feels like." I just want you to remember, God is an awesome God and he would never give you more than you can bear. You are anointed with a gift like no other and this Mrs. MD thanks you for your strength and dedication. Not many women would do what you do in the midst of their struggle. I thank you for ALL mothers! Muah xoxo!

Simone. . .my homey, my friend. Thank you for listening to your gut. I appreciate you seeing my pain, my hurt, and wanting to cheer me up. I truly was hurt by Mariah and her mother's attack.

Your homecoming gathering, I needed. I appreciated, I loved the fellowship and, yes, I cried...I felt like I wanted to press charges against Mariah since no remorse was there on her part, and Eugene just didn't want their crazy to affect our happy life.

The Lemon Squeeze...Mariah is always on the attack, walking in and attacking the host. Of course, still not bringing up her real issue. Then trying to accuse me of spoiling her family secret? Mariah never told me, or anyone else for that matter, that it was a secret and therefore when my husband complimented her husband, he didn't know either. Everyone that knows me knows that I don't play when it comes to my kids or anyone else's children. Children are innocent bystanders, and I pray they learn from their parents' mistakes.

The bottom line is, Mariah was emotional, acted on her emotions, and believed bull s--- gossip, because she thought her sister was a good source. Looks like her family was trying to ruin her hubby's birthday after all. Mariah says we were fighting about her child. I was fighting to protect myself from attack, and she was fighting, because she was upset over gossip. Big difference!

As stated previously, my hairdresser is freelance. Deedy does not work in any salon and Mariah knows this. If Mariah is mad at Deedy for being at my home when she acted a fool on the phone with my husband and I, after learning of Eugene's "compliment" to Aydin...too bad! She does come to my home regularly to do my hair and she is also my friend. Mariah is out of control thinking the world is out to get her. We seriously are too busy for her ridiculous accusations. As stated previously, I would never have mentioned her daughter's situation had I known it was a family secret and my husband had no clue, which is why he simply complimented your husband. So over this...

Saying what you're thinking,

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