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Quad Feels Titanium

Unlike Toya, Quad has learned from her mistakes and she doesn't care about Kari and Toya's gossip.

My heart goes out to Mariah and Aydin. I hate they were forced to address such a sensitive topic with their child. I fully support my friend and I know this will make the Huqs stronger as a family.

Kari, here you go again playing the VICTIM while being a gardener planting seeds! You are no psychiatrist and you're definitely not credentialed to diagnose anyone. Paranoid personality disorder. If that is the case I could diagnose you with muscle lymphoma of the lips. I think it's best if we leave the medical business to the doctors.

Next, Tacky Toya asked me to lunch and I obliged, hoping that she would be honest and take responsible for perpetuating such an undesirable, personal, and hurtful occurrence in my life. However, it's hard to converse with someone that is so far removed from reality that they refuse to stand in their own truth. I will always tell the truth about myself therefore I will never lie on anyone else. She should have counted her blessings for not being arrested the first time but the second time. . .She wasn't so lucky when she was booked on DUI, citation #E01138741. Has she not learned "excuses are tools of incompetence, they build monuments of nothingness, those who use them seldom amount to anything." #thetruthwillsetyoufree #honestyiskey #pinocchio #yournoseisgrowing

And as for me, although not proud, I have always been honest about the mistakes I've made. I've learned many lessons from my experiences that have made me wiser. I have learned not to allow my emotions to supersede my intellect and to foresee a positive outcome in every situation.

So Kari and Toya you can carry on with your "Bathroom Diaries" and sidekick and puppet remarks. Take as many shots as your heart's desire. "You shoot me down but I won't fall...I AM TITANIUM" and what you meant to be bad for me has shown itself to be a stepping stone of growth.

This is for my fans and my haters. A song of MOTIVATION.

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