Quad's Poetic Ode to Married to Medicine

Quad pens a poem to sum up the highs and lows of Season 1.

You saw our ups and our downs,
Our smiles sometimes masked our frowns,
You viewed our highs and our lows,
but when you're
Married to Medicine
That's just the way it goes,
You've witnessed our faults and our flaws,
M2M fans,
You've seen it all,
In this group, NO ONE REIGNS SUPREME...
You see, there's no "I" in a successful team!
But with all valleys, there is a peak,
and throughout the journey, it's still in reach,
Through the Good, Bad, Happy, Sad, the Q, R, S, and the "tea",
What's yet to come, all of you will be the first to see,
And as we grow, unknown is our next move,
As I started before. . .
Only time can heal all wounds!

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