Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad thinks Toya wins the "Grand Dragon" prize, but wants Kari to know this isn't the Academy Awards.

on Apr 14, 2013

But no judgment here. . .

Kari it's just a NO for you:

NO this not the Academy Awards.
NO need for crocodile tears of oblivion.
NO. . .Yes you did need an event planner.
NO to your formal dress
NO to you classifying the Old Hollywood Glamour event as formal, it was more like a luau minus the swimwear.
NO to your unfair actions putting Mariah out of the party and not Toya.
NO to Dr. Duncan for comforting you by preying on the downfall of Mariah's marriage, stating that Mariah's life was ruined and Aydin is going to divorce her.

In my mother's over-the-shoulder church pew voice "they're still married," and that's a guarantee
#Quadcertified #notarypublic

Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for: the Grand Dragon prize goes to Toya Bush Harris. I don't want to name call but you are SORDID BOOTS up to your eyes in feces!

You have made so many left turns to dead end streets with less then a quarter tank of gas left. The flicker in your flame has burned out! You lack character, integrity, moral fiber, and sophistication. Lucy said it best, "You was terrible, you was awful." How could you share Mariah's most endearing intimate details of her family??? As I said before kids should be off limits. Do you really hate Mariah that much that you would sacrifice her child? I'm done. . .Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner has been served. Kitchen Closed.