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Dr. Simone on Fertility and Party Etiquette

Dr. Simone reflects on being a blonde, fertility, Toya uninviting Mariah, and on Rihanna.

The doctor is in and exhausted from a long week!

I have been busy this week, and when I say busy, I mean I have had multiple deliveries, early morning surgeries, and a full schedule of patients this week.

I did get a chance to go to the Rihanna concert and had a great time meeting some fans of Married to Medicine! The concert was average and I definitely left way before the show was over.

I really had to convince my boys to go to the Spookie Oookie party, because they are older than Toya's boys and most of the kids at the party. It was fun to have a night out as a blonde and I enjoyed seeing my son Miles in his doctor costume. You barely saw Michael, but he was dressed as the evil jester. Thinking about his costume, I guess it was a good idea not to show him much. LOL.

I wasn't surprised Toya cut Mariah from the guest list. I ended up having to leave the party to take my boys trick or treating with their friends. Cecil came to the party as well because we had to divide and conquer to get the boys to different neighborhoods.

I have so many great patients and I am glad that you are having an opportunity to meet them each week. This week's discussion regarding a sperm donor and infertility specialist is a regular discussion that happens all of the time in my practice. Now, I was caught off-guard with the request to go "old school" from one of my gay patients. The IVF process is expensive and there is no guarantee you will become pregnant. The process can be stressful and disappointing when it doesn't work. However, when a pregnancy does occur, it is such a blessing and a happy time for everyone.

Now I must admit, I can be a tough boss! And when I have been up all night delivering a baby or taking multiple calls, I come into office extremely grouchy. The saving grace is that I am the physician and the owner. LOL.

Had a fun time with Dr. Jackie at lunch. Easy to see the contrast between us. I'm eating a cookie and she is eating a protein bar. Definitely a common theme on our lunch dates.

For the next episode, the Lemon Squeeze definitely seems needed to get all the women back together and to find out how we can move on as friends. You will have to stay tuned to see if the Lemon Squeeze ended as planned.

Thanks for listening! A special thanks to all of my Tweethearts and Facebook fans. I love the positive energy.

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