Simone Whitmore

Dr. Simone reflects on being a blonde, fertility, Toya uninviting Mariah, and on Rihanna.

on Apr 26, 2013

The doctor is in and exhausted from a long week!

I have been busy this week, and when I say busy, I mean I have had multiple deliveries, early morning surgeries, and a full schedule of patients this week.

I did get a chance to go to the Rihanna concert and had a great time meeting some fans of Married to Medicine! The concert was average and I definitely left way before the show was over.

I really had to convince my boys to go to the Spookie Oookie party, because they are older than Toya's boys and most of the kids at the party. It was fun to have a night out as a blonde and I enjoyed seeing my son Miles in his doctor costume. You barely saw Michael, but he was dressed as the evil jester. Thinking about his costume, I guess it was a good idea not to show him much. LOL.

I wasn't surprised Toya cut Mariah from the guest list. I ended up having to leave the party to take my boys trick or treating with their friends. Cecil came to the party as well because we had to divide and conquer to get the boys to different neighborhoods.