Simone Whitmore

Dr. Simone Whitmore looks back on the Lemon Squeeze.

on May 10, 2013


I would like to start my conversation with a huge thank you for all of the well-wishes and encouragement on my appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Jackie and I had a great time with Andy. I look forward to my next opportunity to make another house call on the Clubhouse. I hope during my next visit, Andy is off the wagon and will have a cocktail with me.

Speaking of drinks, vodka, and wine, I would like to address a couple of points based on what we have witnessed on the show. I love to have a drink or two when I am not on call and vodka is my drink of choice. As most of you know, I can get loud when I am talking, and it happens even when I’m not drinking.  

Let’s count the drinks in all of the episodes combined and see who is "very busy" with drinks. I have tried to stay above the fray when it comes to the other women, but I am getting too many comments from my friends, family, and patients to ignore this one.  

Let's talk about Messyville and Mrs. Quad! She wants to know why I let Jackie belittle me. The answer is simple. Neither Jackie nor anyone else can belittle me, because I know my worth and am quite confident in myself and all that I have accomplished. Small jokes and jabs don't affect me. If you (Mrs. Quad) are going to name characters, make sure you do your homework. It isn't Uncle Woody, it is Woodrow who is married to Aunt Ester on Sanford and Son, so "check your email." And based on Quad's Tipsy Boots on the wine tour and on the bus, Woodrow might be more in line with her lane. However, it is a free country and a wine tour, so do what you have to do and put your "two cents on your tab." Mrs. Quad has so much criticism about everyone on the show including me, but when Mariah calls a spade a spade (calling Chloe and Cari dogs, blaming Quad for ruining her party, saying Quad “can’t take the ghetto out of the girl”), we hear crickets...  I’m just saying!