Simone Whitmore

Simone wishes Quad wouldn't waste her time on the drama and has kind words for Dr. Jackie

on Mar 29, 2013

The Doctor is in, but just barely!

I am excited to chat with you about this week's Married to Medicine. I am adjusting to EST zone after returning from Los Angeles as a guest on The Doctors. Dr. Travis and Dr. Jim were outstanding hosts and I had a great time on their show. I will share the air date as soon as I have it.

Feathers were definitely flying at Docs on the Doc party at Mariah's beautiful home. Quad was on a mission to get some payback from Mariah's birthday party where she felt attacked by Kari and Toya. She left us last week saying she "had two cats to skin," and I guess Kari was the first cat! If you can't already tell, Quad will do her homework when it comes to opening up the closet on the ladies.

I attempted to talk to Quad at the party about not allowing the ladies to get her upset and the need to retaliate. As you can tell from Quad's reaction to me, she didn't want to hear it. However, I do believe she will get my point eventually. Quad is a smart lady and I know she will see that blowing up on these ladies is a waste of her valuable time.