Simone Whitmore

Dr. Simone explains why she didn't call Mariah after the fight and why she's not on anyone's side in this fight.

on May 5, 2013

I was disappointed to hear Mariah say she felt as though I turned my back on her. I will admit I didn't reach out to Mariah after the fight to get her side of the story because I could NOT believe the Mariah I had known for nine years would fight and I had no idea why she was fighting. In retrospect, I should have called her to ask what happened, but the angry and stubborn side of me could not make the call.

Toya reached out and showed her appreciation for my help after the fight. For her gestures, I am thankful because it showed me her gentle side, which helped form a new bond for us. In no way does this mean I took Toya’s side regarding the fight. In my opinion, they were both wrong.

The most difficult part of watching this week's show is hearing Mariah say over and over again that Dr. Jackie couldn’t understand what Mariah was going through because she did not have a biological child of her own. Well, I am a mother and I do understand Mariah’s anger and frustration about not wanting Lauren’s adoption revealed in the way it was done, but I don't understand physically fighting. Things happen all of the time in life that make you want to knock the hell out of someone, but your mind balances the impulse with more rational thoughts, such as the fear of consequences like going to jail. I have learned to resolve conflicts in other ways. So, the comment Mariah makes about Dr. Jackie’s inability to understand issues surrounding children is callous and insensitive.