Toya Bush-Harris

Toya introduces herself to the fans and explains why she won't deal with over-the-top ridiculousness. 

on Mar 22, 2013

A little about Toya. . .

Everyone has a past, good or bad. . .We're HUMAN! It's what we take away from our past, the lessons learned and how you transition the negatives into positives. I consider myself to be normal, never trying to put down another or act above them. I have never been one to try to fit in, because I've never had too. The head and not the tail!

My husband, family and friends love me for ALL of me, (The Good, Bad, and Indifferent) which is why I in turn give them the best of me. I love family and I love that we have a blast. It's not always perfection, definitely not The Cosby Show, but I am thankful that God has his hand all over my relationships.