Toya Bush-Harris

Toya calls out Quad and Mariah on foolish gossip and explains that she's far from lazy when it comes to family.

on Apr 5, 2013

Life, a Beautiful Blessing...

Wow! I'm so filled with joy for Jacqueline... As you will see, she's like a big sister to me. I love her drive, her focus and I admire her strength. I'll tell you one thing, had my family not been in Costa Rica, we would have never missed the Cancer Awareness Walk or the luncheon. I believe it is very important to praise God and give all I can for such a worthy cause. We'll see you next year sis, with my workout apparel on, and I'll be with Team Harris.

FYI... if my kids get cranky, Simone, I'll be dropping them off to you. LOL Since you'll be cheering us on from the side line.

News Flash... Friend + Enemy = Frenemies

If you haven't noticed, I don't give much energy to Quad or Mariah. I recognize who my true friends are and who respects me as a women and mother. I think it is very messy of Mariah and Quad to continue to be malicious liars. Mariah tries very hard to control people: notice how she's always giving Quad permission to speak and those horrible pep talks. They both continue to talk behind everyone's back and smile in their faces. If you don't think I know this, you're the fool. I am sure of this since every other word out their mouth is "Toya." They are sitting at home plotting of ways to slander and cause me harm. These two thrive on hearsay and gossip.