Toya Bush-Harris

Toya is not interested in talking about Mariah, but she will tell you about her Puppies in Paris outfit.

on Apr 27, 2013

To begin, if you take anything away while watching this weeks episode, please know that it is very important to me to shield and protect our children. I acknowledge the damage that fighting has on children and do what is in my power to keep my kids from witnessing conflict. Parenting means protecting children from witnessing actual arguments, and also managing conflict so that it does not interfere with parenting decisions or with the childrens' ability to enjoy their time and build positive relationships. My effort to manage the conflict is in itself the reason for Mariah's dis-invite to the Harris' Spookie Ookie!

Children's needs are ongoing and conflict can interfere with meeting the daily needs of our children. When I decided to have children, manage a home, and marry my husband, I decided to be the woman God called me to be. With that being said, you may have caught me slipping when put in a position to defend myself, but you won't catch me again. At this point, speaking to Mariah is seemingly a challenge that I chose to just avoid. SO NOT INTERESTED!

"So not interested," seemingly just applies to me. . .You've probably noticed how in every scene Mariah has, she references ME. No really, watch the episode again. It's kinda scary:

--baking cookies, "Toya"
--Planning dog party, "Toya"
--Mariah in the car with her husband and yes kids, "Toya"