Toya Bush-Harris

Toya thinks some of the women need to have their negative attitudes medically treated.

on Mar 28, 2013

Truth. . .

This week's episode in my opinion really shows the true character of some of the women. The sincerity that Dr. Jackie displayed when expressing how important it was for woman to carry themselves with dignity and class is real. People are always going to come against you, but again, it's always best to avoid ignorance when possible. Funny thing is, ignorance is always trying to make itself seem valid, but, like the devil, it's always after the fact or used as an attack mechanism. Sad!

Projecting negativity, plotting to be messy, speaking on someone in a negative fashion all day everyday, talking with your mouth full. and going from 0-to-20 are all characteristics that require medical help. Watch those fake tears and people who hit below the belt. As Mariah states, you make yourself an outcast when you're consistently on attack, being malicious and lacking self control. Like Simone states, a muzzle is sometimes necessary.