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Heavenly: Everyone Makes Mistakes

Dr. Heavenly tries to focus on the best features of all the ladies as she closes out this season.

I end this season and this reunion by saying "Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. There is good and bad in us all "

Having said that I will end this season with all the good qualities of the cast.

Mariah: I don't think people know that I have known Mariah for years. We can say what we want about her, but the truth is none of us -- not one of us -- would be on this show if were not for her. I watched her make this show. Even when people told her she could not do it, she kept pushing. Now that is something to be proud of. We all owe her and let me be the first to say: Thank you Mariah!!! I know her well,  and I know that she is very forgiving and she has a good heart.

Quad: Quad has the gift of gab. Everyone likes her and her personality. She is the type of person that lights up a room.  I love that she is very focused and driven. I love having her around!

Simone: Dr. Simone is like a best girlfriend -- you can laugh with her and you can cry with her. She is very understanding and emotional. She is a real person who I have grown to love. I can see why everyone considers her a best girlfriend.

Jackie: Jackie is a very classy, poised lady. She knows when to talk, what to say, and when to just keep quiet. She has discipline,  and I can clearly see that she is constantly trying to improve herself.

Toya: Toya has a very sweet spirit. She is very forgiving and just has a great personality. Out of all the women, she has been the most truthful and real with me.

Lisa Nicole: I probably know Lisa the least of all the women. I can see that she is very business-savvy and focused. She seems like a lady who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go get it!

Dr Heavenly: I am not perfect by far. I find humor in everything. I never take any situation too seriously. I am very confident and my confidence comes from up above. I love my life and my family. I believe everyone deserves forgiveness, and I don't believe in holding grudges. We should always do what's best for us and what makes us happy. We are all very different and we see things from a very different point of view. It's OK to agree to disagree.

I hope you all enjoyed the season.  I did my best to keep it funny, controversial, and thought provoking. Basically I aim to entertain! This show is very real and it takes a lot of courage and confidence to allow others into your life. Hopefully we brought joy to the lives of many!

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