Heavenly: I Just Couldn't Help Myself

Heavenly explains why she had to leap up and join Lisa Nicole's panel and what she thought of all the shade at WEN.

I am so happy to be living this wonderful life and I know I have been blessed to bless others.

I can't imagine even thinking about not being here for my children. It is one of the most important reasons for my existence. I am so very happy Lisa Nicole has a very supportive husband and people that helped her through her breast cancer scare. I know she has to be grateful. God gives you exactly what you need when you need it, and he answers prayer!

I also feel for Dr. Jackie, I no longer take for granted the miracle of being able to bear children.

Honestly, all the other arguments and bickering between the other ladies was irrelevant to me. I do think that Toya is a great person and very forgiving. I wonder if Simone would have been as forgiving if another person insulted her in that way? One thing I know for sure is we all make mistakes and we are all learning and growing. Simone owned up to her mistake and apologized, what more can you ask?

I know I was wrong for getting on the panel at Lisa Nicole's event. LOL. I just couldn't help myself. I have always been bold and it has gotten me far. An open seat on the panel was all I needed to see. I wanted to tell her how moved I was, and how much I respect her for her efforts in front of the audience. There was so much other negativity going on. I was hoping to make and impact. Lisa is definitely someone I would like in my circle as she is very knowledgeable in putting on events for direct sales.

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