Simone and Jackie Are Jealous

Toya Asks Herself the Tough Questions

Mariah Is Ready to Plant New Seeds

Simone: Yes, I'm Still Angry with Toya

Quad: What's Good for the Goose

Heavenly: Everyone Makes Mistakes

Lisa Nicole on Her Head and Heartaches

Dr. Jackie on the Many Flavors of Shade

Quad's Moment of Clarity

Simone: I Won't Fight Toya

Pretty Much Everything Mariah Said Was a Lie

Mariah on the Deep and Dangerous Reunion

Toya on Typical Ghetto Simone

Simone Is Happy This Season's Over

The Top 10 Things Mariah Learned This Season

Quad Addresses the Puppy Haters

Jackie: We Are All Queens

Heavenly Doles Out Relationship Advice

Toya: Rhyming Reasons

Meet Lisa Nicole's Alter Ego Nikki

Why Mariah Extended the Olive Branch

Quad: Walk the Walk

The Married to Medicine Ladies Work Smart

Simone: I'm Not Swaying

Heavenly: We Don't Need a Queen

Toya Is Disappointed With Mariah

Lisa Nicole: Cheating Is Never Justified

Mariah: Why Camp When You Can Glamp?

Quad Thinks the People Have Spoken

Simone Won't Hang With Thugs

Jackie: Failure Is Not an Option

Toya Thinks Simone Is Stirring the Sh--

Heavenly Is Still #TeamDaddy

Lisa Nicole: Walking Away Is Easy

Quad: Dr. G Knows What He Has

Jackie's Ready for Her Husband to Show

Simone Talks Couples' Therapy

Heavenly: It Takes Seconds to Lose Trust

Lisa Hopes Mariah Can Own Her Truth

Mariah Sees a Season of Blessings

Jackie: I Was Blind, But Now I See

Simone and Jackie Are Jealous

Dr. Heavenly thinks Dr. Jackie hurts people because she's hurting, and thinks Toya needs business help.

I feel very blessed to live the fabulous life I am living, and I am truly thankful for all of God's blessings.

I felt this episode was very interesting. . .

Once again, I really hope Quad and Mariah can work through their differences. I'm not sure why they would go to a public place to air out their differences. When there are so many emotions involved, maybe they should go to a private place and talk one-on-one.

Toya: Toya can learn a lot from my business seminars. As a business, money, and relationship expert,  I don't agree with spending thousands of dollars on a two-year-old's birthday party. I always advised others to invest and save. It's not about how much you make, it's about how much you keep! But, then again, people do what they want.

Lisa Nicole: Once again, I'm amazed by Lisa Nicole's business acumen , she was able to take direct sales, make money from it, and then invest the profits into other businesses. She is a woman after my own heart. I would love for her to be a part of Dr. Heavenly University and help other women achieve the success of their dreams.

Simone and Jackie both need to be committed into mental institutions! First they both act like damn fools at the bowling alley, then they walk in my house and become irate because I said I submit to MY husband. Then they insult me for being a dentist -- there is something going on here. I'll admit, I didn't expect much from Simone as she acts as if someone found her in an alley (hot ghetto mess!), but Dr. Jackie? Wow! Why do they get so upset so easily, I'll tell you why. . .

They can't handle a woman like myself, someone who is educated, successful, and confident. They feel they need to put me down to make themselves feel better about their miserable lives. I tried to be nice, but let's call a spade a spade. These women are jealous. Not just jealous of me, but jealous of all the wives because they don't have men at home that can provide for them. They are stuck working nights and weekends on-call. That's no way for any woman to live.

Our meeting with Ms. Georgia Plus went well.

I'm wondering why Jackie is still so upset? It looks as if she is ready to cry. I tell you why -- she is not happy and hurt people hurt people. Now Simone is calling me names? Really doctor? These women need to get it together. We need to have a lemon, grape, and melon squeeze as these ladies are foul! #IMayBeCrazybutImNotStupid #DoctorsWife #Dentist #Boss

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