Jacqueline Walters

Dr. Jackie hopes Miss Georgia Plus can forgive her -- and that Quad and Mariah can forgive each other.

on Apr 20

Forgive or Forgive Me Not: I choice to forgive!

A true war starts because opposing sides are certain that they are right. What makes it real dangerous is when each side speaks and acts based solely on being right. If we practice the art of forgiveness, wars would be a lot shorter. We should learn to forgive and release any ill feelings. These negative feelings breed an explosive environment.

Now Dr. Heavenly thinks that I was wrong for talking to Chavias, (Ms. Georgia Plus) about her weight in the bowling alley. I have explained to both Dr. Heavenly and Chavias that my approach was not done with malice. I admit that the approach seemed brash and insensitive, but I never intended to be rude.

I will make NO apology for trying to educate any female about the prevalence of heart disease in the female community and obesity is a risk factor. I apologized to Ms. Georgia Plus, and she was able to offer forgiveness. Dr Heavenly is a different story. Like most opposing sides, Dr. Heavenly thinks she is right. Because Dr Heavenly has struggled with her own weight loss, she has apparently internalized the situation with Ms. Georgia Plus and made it about her insecurities. At some point, I hope she realizes that forgiveness offers a release and allows for relationships to move past the negative feelings. Gandhi stated "The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong."  I found myself speechless and could offer no more and it just ended with still no real resolve. I pray we can move forward.