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Dr. Jackie on the Many Flavors of Shade

Dr. Jackie claims she isn't the ignorant one in the Shady Grove and is suffering PTSD from Dr. Simone and Toya's drama.

So tonight the ladies of Married to Medicine have come together to recap Season 2! As our setting depicts a Shady Grove, you saw tonight that shade comes in many flavors. Thanks to Andy tonight for all the great introductions of the entire cast and especially the kind description of Dr. Jackie

Now tonight, we were all able to understand that DENTIST ARE DOCTORS! They keep our teeth healthy and bright. I have the utmost respect for all doctors! I do want the world to know I don't think medical doctors are any more important than doctors of dentistry! I LOVE MY DENTIST!  I am not sure why Dentist Heavenly thinks I am the ignorant one around Shady Grove! 

Let's set the record straight: because one's husband may make a ton of money, it doesn't make him a great man! I am very proud that my husband gives his time educating boys and girls and helping them be productive citizens! Because my husband is an educator and they are terribly under paid, their gift to this world is probably one of the greatest gifts any profession gives! If it was not for educators there would be no doctors or dentists! Trust and believe I am not envious of anything Dr. Heavenly has -- or should I say doesn't have! 

Now Dr. Simone is terribly frustrated with Toya!  I had hoped that they would have healed from what happened when the Season started! Yes, I must admit that Dr. Simone gets very vocal when she's passionate and hurt! It doesn't seem she and Toya will get pass their hurt while we are hanging out in Shady Grove!
Now, Quad and Mariah have some really deep hurt!  They keep confessing their love for one another but yet their wounds are too deep to heal! They have called each other rats, roaches and straight from the hood. They have had physical altercations! I am still very confused how such a strong love has broken down so much. I had really hoped there would have been some more clarity as to why they dislike each other sooo much!

It seems as if Mariah has been accused of some deceitful acts from sending Dentist Heavenly out for Simone (her girl) and me, and saying nasty things about Quad, Toya and Lisa! I personally have nothing against Mariah, but man she's been called out on some terrible things!

Now Lisa Nicole is also very vocal about Mariah comments about her and she spoke very clearly without one cuss word (I think)! Now Mariah feels Lisa is "the boring" girl and has been very expressive in saying this to Lisa's face! Yep, we are in the Shady Grove!

Now I am still suffering from PTSD at what happened in our dressing room!  Now little did I know when I said I knew my friend's address, it would end in what almost was another physical altercation on Married to Medicine! It all happened so fast! Now on Married to Medicine there is always some shade throwing but I NEVER expected what was almost the unthinkable--another fight between women on TV! I stood trying to talk Toya off the ledge and I know Dr. Simone would never fight! Her last fight was in junior high school and she lost that one! Haha. I am still in shock that it came to this! Yes, they both were coming at each other pretty darn hard, but I again will say I NEVER thought it would erupt into this! I still think that we can talk this out, but I think it just became too much for Dr. Simone to handle!

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