Jacqueline Walters

Dr. Jackie was ready for "Operation Cecil," even if she didn't properly stock the pantry for Simone's kids. 

on Jun 8

These lives are going in many directions! Though we are busy practicing medicine our lives continue on like everyone else's! So here you see each lady doing their own thing and for the first time we see a glimpse in everyone's separate happenings.

Toya and Eugene are busy trying to find their dream home -- and at the same time are at risk of losing a big ole $50K. Now just like most men, Eugene seems to be like "Oh well, it's a lot going on but I'm hungry!" Toya is feeling a little ill, as I would be, too. Now, when one door closes in Toya's life ,it seems as if a mansion door has opened. Now I would be kinda ill, but if Eugene is happy and Toya is too then, oh well, so am I!

Now Heavenly is home as she always say, being a wife and mother first with who we all know is the one person who keeps her in check! Now I so agree with Heavenly that this little girl is as mature as a 28-year-old person! She's very observant and quite articulate in expressing what she hears and sees! This little girl is sometimes smarter than most and often times wiser than others.

Lisa Nicole is getting ready for the fashion show to roll out the Lisa Nicole Collection. We see she has a big model call! There are all kind of ladies there big, tall, thick, thin, black, and white! She accompanied by the gorgeous Cynthia Bailey, Dwight, and the newest designer (but not for humans) Quad Webb-Lunceford! Now Lisa Nicole is a fantastic designer, who was very instrumental is my successful 50 Shades of Pink Fashion Extravaganza. She is one of the busiest business women I know! Now Quad is taking notes on all of the things it takes to have a successful fashion extravaganza. I can't wait to see that model call!

Now speaking of doggy calls, Dr. G is not happy with Quad's child-like love for her dogs. I don't think I have ever seen Dr. G go in on Ms. Quad like this! Better yet, I never seen Quad sit and listen so at tentatively when someone is going in on her like this! I think Dr.G is not really feeling the puppy-ness going on in place of his baby -- but as in most marriages, we fight through our differences and then come back together and the laughter and love comes right back where it was before the fight! I think Quad has away of getting out of the dog house!