Jackie: The Times Are Changing

Toya Asks Herself the Tough Questions

Mariah Is Ready to Plant New Seeds

Simone: Yes, I'm Still Angry with Toya

Quad: What's Good for the Goose

Heavenly: Everyone Makes Mistakes

Lisa Nicole on Her Head and Heartaches

Dr. Jackie on the Many Flavors of Shade

Quad's Moment of Clarity

Simone: I Won't Fight Toya

Pretty Much Everything Mariah Said Was a Lie

Mariah on the Deep and Dangerous Reunion

Toya on Typical Ghetto Simone

Simone Is Happy This Season's Over

The Top 10 Things Mariah Learned This Season

Quad Addresses the Puppy Haters

Jackie: We Are All Queens

Heavenly Doles Out Relationship Advice

Toya: Rhyming Reasons

Meet Lisa Nicole's Alter Ego Nikki

Why Mariah Extended the Olive Branch

Quad: Walk the Walk

The Married to Medicine Ladies Work Smart

Simone: I'm Not Swaying

Heavenly: We Don't Need a Queen

Toya Is Disappointed With Mariah

Lisa Nicole: Cheating Is Never Justified

Mariah: Why Camp When You Can Glamp?

Quad Thinks the People Have Spoken

Simone Won't Hang With Thugs

Jackie: Failure Is Not an Option

Toya Thinks Simone Is Stirring the Sh--

Heavenly Is Still #TeamDaddy

Lisa Nicole: Walking Away Is Easy

Quad: Dr. G Knows What He Has

Jackie's Ready for Her Husband to Show

Simone Talks Couples' Therapy

Heavenly: It Takes Seconds to Lose Trust

Lisa Hopes Mariah Can Own Her Truth

Mariah Sees a Season of Blessings

Jackie: I Was Blind, But Now I See

Jackie: The Times Are Changing

Jackie thinks she should have worn scrubs, considering all the blood that was shed at Dr. Heavenly's.


Looks like the Times are Changing!

Tonight's episode was all about changing to mend broken friendships -- but somehow I am not sure this is exactly what's happening! So Dr. Heavenly has invited us to her place to break bread, but it seems as it is more for slaughter. Everybody is all fancy to come sit at her table, but it feels more like I should have worn scrubs considering all the blood shed that's taking place. It seems as if we are having good girl conversation talking about you guessed it "SEX"! Dr. Simone is busy describing what's "uptown" vs "downtown"! It's a sticky subject and it seems as if every woman has her preferences.

Welllllll, dinner is going well till Dr. Heavenly -- the self proclaimed "relationship" expert; oh and mortgage broker, and real estate agent, and perfect wife, and doctor of dentistry -- starts to offer this unsolicited advice. Now she starts with throwing shade at Quad "who barely made it into wife circle"! OMG, she describes Toya as the wife who spends ALL of her husband's money. Watch out Lisa, you and I didn't even take our husband's names. Dr Heavenly thinks this is totally disrespectful. She accused Dr. Simone of not being submissive! Whew, I so wanted to comment on how narrow minded one would be to think she has enough expertise to make these closed minded comments! But this is Dr. Heavenly's kingdom and all I can do is laugh at this girl! However the food was good.

Now Simone has suggested we all take a couples trip but the Quadgory (Quad/Gregory) couple will NOT be attending if the Mariahdin couple (Mariah/Aydin) goes! So here we go again! Quad isn't willing to be in the presence of what was once her BFF! Now Dr. Simone has had enough of this pain and suffering stuff and goes into a crying rage and let's Quad know this shigdey needs to stop!

Both girls go to their separate corners like frustrated friends should and collect their thoughts! I just wanna share with Quad that she can't keep running from this big pink elephant in the middle of the floor! Quad just wants time to heal and is asking we stop forcing healing by interacting with Mariah. I can truly respect this and hope that Simone and the ladies are willing.

Meanwhile, Dr. Heavenly goes to Mariah to help her see what might have contributed to the friendship breakdown. That goes absolutely nowhere; she is escorted to the door a lot quicker than she came in!

Now my wonderful doctor friend and BFF has come to my office to put my motherhood skills on trial! Oh what seems soooo easy has surely created a challenge. If "Jackson" had been real, I might be in jail for neglect! I am for the first time thinking maybe my friend and my husband see something that I may not have stopped to think about! I know my life is busy with my family, my work, my foundation, my blog, my friends, and all the other demands -- but I do feel I have enough time to parent! I just want everybody to stay #teamjackie!

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