Jacqueline Walters

Jackie thinks she should have worn scrubs, considering all the blood that was shed at Dr. Heavenly's.  

on May 23

Looks like the Times are Changing!

Tonight's episode was all about changing to mend broken friendships -- but somehow I am not sure this is exactly what's happening! So Dr. Heavenly has invited us to her place to break bread, but it seems as it is more for slaughter. Everybody is all fancy to come sit at her table, but it feels more like I should have worn scrubs considering all the blood shed that's taking place. It seems as if we are having good girl conversation talking about you guessed it "SEX"! Dr. Simone is busy describing what's "uptown" vs "downtown"! It's a sticky subject and it seems as if every woman has her preferences.

Welllllll, dinner is going well till Dr. Heavenly -- the self proclaimed "relationship" expert; oh and mortgage broker, and real estate agent, and perfect wife, and doctor of dentistry -- starts to offer this unsolicited advice. Now she starts with throwing shade at Quad "who barely made it into wife circle"! OMG, she describes Toya as the wife who spends ALL of her husband's money. Watch out Lisa, you and I didn't even take our husband's names. Dr Heavenly thinks this is totally disrespectful. She accused Dr. Simone of not being submissive! Whew, I so wanted to comment on how narrow minded one would be to think she has enough expertise to make these closed minded comments! But this is Dr. Heavenly's kingdom and all I can do is laugh at this girl! However the food was good.