Jacqueline Walters

Dr. Jackie tries to figure out what sort of friendship Quad and Mariah are going to have.

on May 18

I am not really sure where Dr. Heavenly fits into any of the seasons with any of the ladies, but some grounds are harder to develop before you can really see any signs of life come shining through. Now she appears to be in winter with her HOT WHITE FURRY COAT, but hey I did say we are in different season here!

The joy about the seasonal changes is there does not always have to be death. The blooms appearance may differ in winter and spring, but all blooms do not have to die when the change comes. This is a great example of my relationship with Dr. Simone. We have been through several seasons. She's held my hand through my battle with breast cancer (twice) and is supporting me with my desire to have a baby. I have also been through the raging storms with her. We have had major disagreements but have weathered those stones. Now she did not share her financial and marital problems with me initially, I feel she was not wanting to burden a friend. I know that she knows I am always available to her. Now this is a LIFETIME friendship. It is possible to have a friend to come in your life for a defined reason, and you weather some stormy seasons and develop a friendship for a LIFETIME!