Jacqueline Walters

Jackie reminds everyone that she's on call on Tuesdays, and laughs off Toya's jealousy claims.

on Jul 7

The Queen(s) Are Here!!!

Season 2 has been like an amusement park. There were ups and downs like a rollercoaster. It went round and round like a merry-go-round. There were times when it seemed like we were in a haunted house. There were pop-ups like that big clown that jumps out of nowhere. There were sweet moments and some not so sweet moments like cotton candy and dill pickles.

So tonight on Married to Medicine, Simone and I are once again doing what smart working doctors do, they WORK. We are at the hospital when Simone tells me that we have been invited to an event, "Picture Perfect Pups." Now Simone tells me it's a doggy fashion show. We are both exhausted and everything is just funny. Simone and I started laughing and just could not stop. We started laughing, but just found laughing funny -- and not Quad's upcoming event. I certainly feel Quad is more than capable and very passionate about dressing her babies (doggies) in baby doll clothing. She loves it, and I love seeing women with entrepreneurial spirits. So trust and believe, we are not laughing at Quad but we are LAUGHING uncontrollably. I am excited for Quad and wish she had checked with me as an investor, but, oops, it's too late!

It was a noble gesture that Mariah came over to hand deliver my invitation. The only problem with this is these ladies just don't get it that I am a smart, working doctor who works more hours than anyone in this circle of friends. So why in the world would anyone think they would find me at home in the middle of the day (unless I ran out on my staff)? Also I never use my front door to enter my home -- so if you don't put mail in my box, it could sit on my doorstep for days before I see it.

Now truthfully, I did get the invite but explained to Mariah that I was on call. I keep saying repeatedly about TUESDAYS. SO FOR THE RECORD, MY CALL NIGHT IS TUESDAY, unless I switch with another doctor in my group. It is not convenient for me on Tuesdays. That is the way it is! Now the Cinnamon Girl debut looked like there were a lot of people there supporting. Now every business woman knows before you participate in any deal, you get more information, so what is the Cinnamon Girl talking about? Thank you Dr. Simone for reminding Mariah that I AM on call.

As Toya prepares to get ready for her Disney Cruise, Dr. Heavenly goes in and blesses their "rent-to-own" home. Now we do know Dr. Heavenly is a real estate expert. Toya feels she's already paid for this trip and some measly $50k will not stop their vacation. Now it seems like $50K loss isn't going to rain on Toya and Eugene's parade. This home is absolutely beautiful. I love it! Now Mrs. Toya's statement that the working wives are jealous of her lifestyle is comic relief. Really Toya? You think we are jealous of your living on some man's income and being nervous that your gravy train could come to an end. Ahhhh, NOT!