Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa Nicole discusses her test results, the toxicity suite, and what she thought of Dr. Heavenly crashing her panel.

on May 12

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings.

Let me first tell all the mothers watching, Happy Mother's Day, I hope you enjoyed your special day. Thanks for tuning in once again to Married to Medicine. This week's episode was full of real women, real issues, and real life drama.

Tonight we open with Quad and Mariah going at it in the tranquility suite. It was crazy. "Calgon take Me Away!" I was so worried that women in their trying to relax would be offended, but luckily only a few were in there at the time and most women at the conference never knew what happened between the ladies. But at the moment the tranquility suite definitely became the toxicity suite.

I really hate that Quad and Mariah are having such challenges with their friendship. The pain runs so deep with both of them. I believe that if Quad and Mariah really take time to hear the other person's point of view they may be able to one day work through their differences. However, like I said this show is about real women, real issues, and real life drama! "Hurt people, hurt people," and that is exactly what is going on with Quad and Mariah!

On a positive note Toya and Simone made up. The words "I'm sorry" are so powerful. These two words can be so liberating and allow the healing process to begin. It warmed my heart to see them hug and tell each other how they were both really feeling. Afterall, that's what the WEN conference is all about. WEN is the premier conference for women looking for their breakthrough. Be Empowered, Be Inspired, Be Transformed at WEN. For more info on the 2014 WEN conference, please visit