Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa Nicole Cloud is amazed that Mariah Huq can continue to deny her part in the drama at the princess party.

on Jun 11

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

Thank you for tuning in this week.  There is so much happening in every woman’s life. Married to Medicine is truly about “Real Women, Real Issues, Real Life Drama!

We open with Dr. Heavenly and Alaura. Alaura gave her opinion of the behavior of her mom and Mariah at the princess party. I think she was spot on and I am amazed at how much wisdom this little girl has. She definitely has mature and accurate observations. I want to thank Heavenly for apologizing to me on Twitter for her behavior. Thank you for owning your part of the drama. It amazes me that she refuses to admit she came late with an entourage, and hired rose throwers to disrespect my home. Let me ask a question, if someone (or their entourage) breaks something of sentimental value in someone’s home should they offer to replace the damaged item? One day I hope Mariah gets to a place where she can own her truth and acknowledge when she does things that offend and hurt people. Playing the victim card eventually get’s old. Actions always speak louder than words. Mariah in this incident, an admission of what you did and a sincere apology could make this issue a moot point. For the record, my issues with Mariah have nothing to do with Quad, but everything to do with some of the things you've said and done to me this Season! #ownyourtruth

On to Dr. Simone and Cecil. I’m so excited Simone is planning a romantic evening for Cecil. Cecil is a great husband and father and he deserves it. Congratulations on being married 17 wonderful years. I loved seeing Simone get her SEXY on with the black skirt and boots. Simone with all that you did for this romantic evening, I hope there was a little "downtown" action from both you and Cecil when you got home. I think it's thought provoking that some men don't need much -- a little undivided attention and quality time and he is a happy camper. Darren and Cecil have a lot in common. The toys are fun but at the end of the day, all they want is US! #weareluckywomen

Jackie was hilarious. Once again we watch Jackie as she tries her hand with being caretaker of a child. Dinner consisted of pickles and popcorn. She even offered Benadryl for desert. Jackie, Jackie, Jackie we have to talk girl! I’m not sure those items have the necessary recommended nutritional value. This would not work with Jackson. I’m definitely thinking we are going to have to put you through mommy bootcamp.  #justsoyouknow

Next we catch Reco and Quad in a meeting with the investors. They have made some great progress. The pieces are looking very fabulous and couture. I love the ostrich feathers, pearls and crystals.  YAAASSS, Miss Quad, you are doing your thing, girl.  I’m very happy for you and very proud. The pet care industry is big business and I personally think you have found an untapped niche in the industry. You are sitting on a gold mine if you execute your business plan well. Congrats again!