Lisa Nicole Cloud

Lisa reflects on her supportive family and friends, Mariah's chess game, and Quad's business plan.

on Apr 27

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

Did you enjoy this week’s episode? This week I shared a very personal journey with you. I chose to share this journey because I want to empower and inspire women to be diligent in their monthly breast exams. Early detection is KEY! Cancer does not discriminate and it shows its ugly head when you least expect it. Do me a favor if you are woman reading this blog, give yourself your monthly breast exam TODAY!

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Now for my thoughts about this week’s episode. This week was full of friendship, sisterhood and family. What a breath of fresh air from all the drama of the last few weeks.

Quad and I had a great visit to Glamour Paws. She is so passionate about her puppy couture line and I love it! I love helping people turn their passions into profits. Success is about chasing your passion not a paycheck. The money will come if you do what you love! I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with Quad. What I love about Quad is that she takes action. She walks the walk and she talks the talk! Most importantly, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Did you see how she checked Mickey when she laughed at her idea of a puppy couture line? In the words of the great Maya Angelou, "Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it." So what do you guys think. . .Don’t the pooches need to be fabulous too?

Next we get a glimpse of Mariah and her family. Family time is very special, and I can appreciate anyone who values quality family time. However, in Mariah’s case her family seems to be the only ones’ who can tolerate her ridiculous behavior and attitude towards others. I appreciate the wisdom of Mariah's little girl. Lauren said, "Mariah lives her life like a game of chess." I am in complete agreement. I personally don’t think of Mariah as strategic. I think calculating and manipulative are better words to describe her. Mariah plays people like pawns in a game of chess. In the game of chess if the queen captures an opponent’s piece, her move is over. Let’s just say this season, Mariah has captured many of her friends "PEACE!"