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Lisa Nicole tries to focus on the good in the WEN confernce -- and wishes Mariah had stuck around to learn a few things.

on May 4

It's time To WEN!

Hello Married to Medicine Darlings,

What a week on Married to Medicine. It was explosive!

This week had a lot of focus on the WEN conference, my baby. The conference was so amazing. It's a weekend to renew your mind, redefine your goals, and reimagine your life at new levels of success! So many women have their breakthrough at the WEN conference. I have seen countless women who attend, go on to start businesses, write books, start non-profits, uncover their passion, release their pain, and so much more. Every woman should understand the importance of placing themselves in environments that nurture and support their dreams. Every woman should also understand that it is important to take time for YOU!

If YOU breakdown, a lot of areas in your life will suffer -- so it very important to at least once a year take time out to FOCUS on you. I think every woman should treat herself to the WEN experience. The WEN 2014 conference is coming up, October 17-19, 2014. Don't miss it! For more information about WEN go to

AS A SPECIAL FREE GIFT TO ALL THE MARRIED TO MEDICNE FANS, next Sunday, at 10 pm eastern I'm going to do a live FREE Women's Empowerment Call. "An Hour Of Power" to help you begin to tap into the greatness within.

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Now my thoughts on this week’s episode. . .Heavenly, I enjoyed watching the breakfast scene with your family. I thought it was great -- and at the same time a bit peculiar that you are teaching your daughter about being submissive to her husband at the age of seven. I get "Raise up a child the way you want them to go," but really do we teach them to submit to a man at the age of seven? Just a thought, maybe better conversations with our daughters at the age of seven might be, "How to act like a lady."

Let me say this though, I do agree with Heavenly that the man is the head of the household and that we have to honor him as such. I also agree with her family's priorities -- God, family and then career. A lot of people give Heavenly pushback about the "whole submit to your man philosophy," but Heavenly from one happily married woman to the next -- I AGREE! I know for a fact you can have a thriving career and a happy and fulfilling marriage when you keep the teachings of the Bible first in your household -- and the Bible does say that the man is the head. So continue to share your message! I love how soft and warm Damon is with the "ladies of his life," and I also love that he values your opinion -- so go daddy!