Mariah Huq

Mariah discusses the ladies feeling that she's the Queen B and all the shade that was thrown around. 

on Jul 13

It's tea time! We sip tea, and spill a lot of tea at this year's reunion. The same drama that we have seen all season, with the same people in a different location: Andy's Shady Grove!

Not sure if we ever got to hear the real reason so must shade was thrown at me all year. But we did hear time and time again a bunch of "He said, she said, they said," which for this circle, translates to "Mariah said." LOL. Let's be clear, I've never had any issues with Jackie, Simone, Heavenly or Lisa. From my understanding Toya and I were at a place of rebuilding. Quad and I had a disagreement that any real friendship should have easily withstood. If anyone was offended by anything I said or did this season, I own my part. Based upon the reunion and last few episodes, the tone was that the ladies resented me being proclaimed as "The Queen B." I consider each of the ladies a Queen, in their own right, and would never feel the need to "dethrone" or diminish any of them to wear a crown.