Mariah Huq

Mariah appreciates the talk about her outfit and apologizes for her remarks last week -- and to Dr. Jackie last year.

on Apr 13

A couple of the topics discussed in these first two episodes demonstrate one of the many reasons why Married To Medicine was originally developed. It's important to see the everyday struggles of doctors and their families. Since we visit doctors to "heal" our aches, pains, and various illnesses, it's easy to forget that these medical professionals may be experiencing the exact same thing or having to make difficult choices that affect their entire household.

Last week, we witnessed Dr. Simone trying to juggle both her job responsibilities and fulfill the expectations that come with being a mother. Tonight's episode is to be applauded for the candid conversation between Dr. Jackie and her husband, Curtis regarding infertility and adoption. It made me regret once again for unintentionally hurting Dr. Jackie's feelings with my remark last year about not understanding my situation with my daughter. Dr. Jackie, as an OB-Gyn, has provided the most precious of gifts to so many women with the number of healthy babies that she has delivered. The fact that her bouts with breast cancer and subsequent treatments have prevented her from experiencing the same joy that she has helped to give others seems cruel. However, any child would be blessed to be adopted and raised by the Walters and I applaud them for considering this option.