The Difference Between Originals and Knock-Offs

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The Difference Between Originals and Knock-Offs

Mariah gives her thoughts on the premiere, throws some #sideeye and praises all, whether they bake our buy.

YAASSSS! Married To Medicine is back and as you witnessed, Season 2 promises to be entertaining, educating, and enlightening. Yes, ma'am, the ladies will have genuine heartfelt moments along with Oscar-worthy performances of indignation. #SideEye

Let me share my thoughts on tonight's eyebrow raising premiere:

--It's important for women to embrace and love equally their inner and outer beauty. All of us strive to take care of ourselves, but the journey to that destination is different for each person

--Being a professional, working mother is definitely challenging on many levels. Whether you bake or buy, as long as the effort comes from the heart, your loved ones will be appreciative

--A wife should not be viewed as submissive or weak for taking care of her husband's needs, if it makes her happy. And being a doctor's wife doesn't make one inferior (says the executive producer of Married to Medicine)

--Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but there's definitely a difference between an original and a knock-off.


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