Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad updates you on her current birth control situation and wants Simone to be careful with Dr. Heavenly and Toya.

on Apr 13

What will the future bring?

Enters Lisa Nicole, business woman, fashion designer, and friend. Small in stature but BIG in business and making a coin! She knows a good idea when she hears it! It is good to have someone in my corner that has walked the road that I’m traveling. It's also good to have a friend that values honestly, even when the truth hurts.

Simone: Don’t get hood honey and hit Toya or Heavenly with bricks! This is real life not a Donkey Kong game. I wouldn't want you to trade in your stethoscope for a hot pair of iron bracelets. You called Heavenly crazy and stated she needs medication. Just phone in Alaura and she will handle her mother! Give Heavenly and Toya a pass.

I respect the hard work and sacrifice that all doctors have made. Entering medical school, completing residency, attending fellowships for additional training, obtaining licenses to practice, testing to become board certified, and enrolling in continue medical education courses. All to devote themselves to help improve the quality of life. Rather offering preventative care, nursing patients back to health, or giving some a second chance at life. Doctors are charged with the responsibility of providing quality health care and the weight is heavy. They're truly rock stars in my book! Now, that brings me to the women and men who stand beside them, extending emotional and mental support. I tilt my hat to you!