Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad basks in the fashion show's success, even if there were some doubter (Simone and Jackie) in the audience.

on Jul 7

This is was such amazing night for me that I hate I have to address some small matters. OK, here we go. . .

I'm not quite sure what Simone and Jackie found so humorous about me pursing my financially sound business venture. As working women themselves, I was surprised to see that I was the butt of their jokes. However, I like proving people wrong and making them eat their words. However, I can't expect for them to see my vision. After all, it is my vision and not theirs. I was a bit disappointed because I've always supported anything they've been a part of and helped in any way I could. Picture Perfect Pup will be a success and my job will be to smile and wave at doubters and non-believers.

What more can I say about Toya and her home? Honestly I don't think I can say much more of anything, Heavenly seemed to say enough for everyone. Heavenly has constantly thrown shade at Toya for her recent housing situation. While a few of us ladies have called into question the financial aspects behind Toya's search for a home, Heavenly has continued to take dig after dig at her. I just wish Toya would get a defensive backbone with Heavenly, like she gets with Simone. Well, there's always next time.

Speaking of Simone, in order for her and I to move forward with our friendship I felt it necessary to have a conversation with her about her behavior at Lisa's fashion show. This whole idea that I've been holding her hostage is absolutely ridiculous. She continues to behave as if I told her she couldn't be friends with someone, and that is simply not true. While I don't care if she's friends with, I'm bothered by her need to lead a charge to exclude Huq one day, and campaign to include Huq the next. I just hope she can finally come to a decision and stick with it, because she is in grave danger of getting splinters from that fence she's riding. My advice to her is to remain both our friends independently and stop blaming me for the source of her being indecisive and messy.

I was done discussing Huq, but I feel that I owe it to myself to defend my character against her slanderous and hateful words she spoke of me. First and foremost, how dare she refer to me as a garden tool and a female dog. Not once have I called this women outside of her name, and yet she felt the need to try to degrade me. Well I can say she's been consistent. #ClassicMariah

When people are in the wrong and don't have the truth on their side, they result to childish name calling and lies. Behaving the way she does, how can she expect anyone to look to her to "lead" anything? Anyway, we are all grown women, so who asked her to lead anyone in the first place? If Huq truly looked around at her event, she would have noticed that there were several familiar faces missing. Heavenly was absolutely right to say Huq could use a bit of humility. A bit of humility and a little self-evaluation will do her good, and I hope she embraces both sooner rather than later before she is completely friendless.