Quad Webb-Lunceford

Quad thinks Mariah's tree has been cut down to a stump and can't believe she's still trying to goop the people.

on May 4

I never knew how Mariah really felt about me until the night at STK. I was always a loyal friend, and now it's apparent to me that she was never the friend to me that I was to her. In fact, Mariah wanted a follower/minion.

She and her sister even joked about it in the first episode -- calling me a puppet. I guess they got loyalty confused with being a follower.

Mariah wanted me to cling on to every lying word she spoke as if it was platinum. She wanted me to ride along with all the deceit and lies she was dishing out -- to eat 10 pounds of her crap and then tell her I love it!

Truth be told when you are not agreeing with her or doing better than her, she perceives it as being against her and that's when all the disagreements came about. That's when she began throwing around the word "disloyal." In her mind, I was a good friend as long as she thought she was in charge or the center of attention. Hence "She is the tree and I am only a branch!" Wow, friend. . .(NOT).

The moment things weren't revolving or including her. She began to change. Tones of anger, jealousy, hatred, and envy were topics of discussion to anyone with a pair of ears. #SheEnvy Sounds like the "tree" has been chopped down to a "stump."